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The Crimson Calling


Book One


The Sanguinarian Council



Patrick C. Greene


Centuries after their eradication and the death of their Queen in the Great Fire of London in 1666, the Vampire population now numbers in only the hundreds.


A few of the remaining survivors regrouped and a High Council was born.

Now a new threat has arrived: modern day military is not only tracking members of the council, they are attempting to create their own vampire soldiers.

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 Enter Olivia Irons. Ex Black Ops. Doing her best to live a normal civilian life, but it never feels right. No family, no friends, and trouble always seems to follow.

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When the Sanguinarian Council offers her the chance of a lifetime, the biggest risk of all seems like the only path left to choose. 

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How will she answer The Crimson Calling?

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