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Character Interview: Fyx from Patrick C Greene’s horror novel THE CRIMSON CALLING

Do you feel the author did a good job colorizing your personality? If not, how would you like to have been portrayed differently?

FYX: “Colorizing?” What in the bloody hell is that s’posed to mean? I aint no bloody Turner Classic Movie. Look, some poor misguided newbloods, that’s what we call fresh-turned vamps, popped up and I gave ‘em hell. Put me boot in their raggedy asses. You wanna bloody play-by-play, hire one of them ESPN clowns.

Beyond the Books

character interviews logoWe’re thrilled to have here today Mister Fyx from Patrick C Greene’s new vampire novel THE CRIMSON CALLING.  Fyx is a four hundred and thirty seven year old professional soldier living in The Balkans.

It is a pleasure to have him with us today at Beyond the Books!

crimsonThank you so for this interview, Mister Fyx  Now that the book has been written, do you feel you were fairly portrayed or would you like to set anything straight with your readers?

FYX: Lemme tell you something, mate. I don’t really give a good goddamn what anybody says or thinks about me, especially not some warmie barely outta his mum. “Warmie,” that’s shorthand for you mortals. But as for the facts, this bloke Greene seems to have colored pretty close to the lines, I’ll give him that.

Do you feel the author did a good job colorizing your personality?  If not…

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As the Page Turns…Author Interview with Patrick C. Greene

pcg graveyard4Greene cut his fangs in the screenwriting business but found his true calling in the world of prose fiction of the kind his heroes King, Barker and Koontz create.

Living at night, deep in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Greene answers the call of his morbid muse when not enjoying monstrous helpings of horror, kung fu and doom metal.

Q: What’s inside the mind of a horror author?

A: Many surprisingly bright and cheery thoughts, actually. If I may speak for purveyors of the genre, I find my colleagues to share with me a wish for social equality and peace, for beauty/ truth. The horror, with its allusions to the unknown and Unknowable, is both a distraction from mundane bothers and a reflection of the current world state; how it could be so much better with just a little effort. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL INTERVIEW

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Book Cover Junkie Interviews Patrick C. Greene

Tell us about your book! What is it about and what inspired you to write it?

Olivia Irons was a child of privilege. But a teen pregnancy led to family upheaval, which led to a stint in Special Forces. Mourning the loss of her lover -a fellow operative- Liv seeks sanctuary in a random town, unaware that a small troupe of vampires seeks to recruit her to lead them in saving the world from a renegade faction.

My wife has a thing for vampires and I really wanted to write something for her to, you know, get some snuggles, and it seems to have worked.

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BLOGCRITICS Interview with Patrick C Greene

From : The critical lens on today’s culture and entertainment

From the interview…

How do you keep your narrative exciting?

Like many writers I start with an outline but in my case, I will tend to stray wildly from it on a mere whim, shocking even myself by going in, if not the opposite direction to what would be reasonable then certainly a direction where there isn’t a clear path or egress. So I paint myself into a corner. With blood.





The EXAMINER Interview with Patrick C. Greene, author of ‘The Crimson Calling’

When I was a kid I was scared of vampires. I had nightmares of the world being taken over by them, and if they were creatures like Count Yorga and Christopher Lee’s Dracula, and the merciless vamps in 30 Days of Night and Wait Until Dark, they could certainly do so, and easily. I wanted to relive and revive the idea of unstoppable sub-human monsters; older smarter and stronger than us but still very much us. CLICK TO READ THE ENTIRE EXAMINER INTERVIEW

The Story behind ‘The Crimson Calling’ by Patrick C. Greene

The Story behind ‘The Crimson Calling’ by Patrick C. Greene

The Story Behind the Book

crimsonAfter my first novel Progeny, I wrote a whole slew of short stories, including a story for each of the Wrapped In… series from Sekhmet Press. Those collections were categorized by color; white for ghosts, black for witches, red for vampires. I already had a story called Nightbound but it needed an extensive re-write. That process was a lot of fun and it made that story my favorite of the three.

Nightbound is a small story, self-contained in what is possibly the recent past, all events occurring in one place. But it is also very much in the same universe as The Crimson Calling, in which vampires are not just mythological creatures but rather a species believed to have gone extinct during the middle ages.

Its relation to The Crimson Calling is the same as King’s short story Captain Tripps is to The Stand; same world, same…

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The Writer’s Life eMagazine: Patrick C. Greene

TWL: Welcome to The Writer’s Life eMagazine, Patrick! Tell us, what’s inside the mind of a horror author?patrick bw

PCG: In my case, there’s a bunch of puzzle pieces for present, future, and even past stories, lots of metal earworms, meal planning, envy, guilt over my envy, pride for having guilt over my envy, and guilt for the pride.

TWL: What is so great about being an author?

PCG: I have a great source of therapy and people think I’m smart.

TWL: When do you hate it?

PCG: When I see reality TV stars peaking the bestseller lists with their ghostwritten, third-grade reading level, heavily embellished, self-aggrandizing “biographies” while I’m just looking to achieve fifty reviews on amazon.

TWL: What is a regular writing day like for you?

PCG: First is coffee and a brunchish type meal, then a coupla hours at the gym to get the blood flowing, then onto the actual writing, which is done at my night job, by the way, between various tasks




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